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We protect your business and your customers

  • Prevention of counterfeiting, unauthorized production, and frauds

    Veriori use a dedicated set of product authentication markings that protect against counterfeiting, gray market activities, and manipulations. It allows reducing the risk of frauds across the supply chain, including contracted manufacturing and distribution networks.

  • Brand image protection and enhancement

    Our secure, unique, and award-winning 2D codes and tags protect genuine products, enhancing your brand image. Legitimate goods can be quickly identified by your customers and agents, customs officials, and supply-chain managers using mobile device.

  • Ensuring consumers health, safety, satisfaction and loyalty

    As consumers are able to identify genuine product and the value that stands behind it, the risk of buying and using fakes, potentially compromising health, safety, and satisfaction is significantly reduced. Both consumers and partners seek assurance that they receive real product.

  • Opening a new channel for digital marketing and communication for consumer engagement

    Veriori authentication technology combined with mobile devices capabilities allows consumers to interact with products offering new marketing capabilities and strengthening consumer engagement. Mobile authentication allows designing campaigns awarding your customers for buying genuine products.

  • Collection of valuable data

    Veriori system captures various types of data that can be used in advanced analytics, marketing, process optimization efforts, distribution and sales planning, etc. You can investigate your business operations and analyze your customers' behaviors.

  • Optimization of the supply chain and product tracking

    Unique product unit identity allows our authentication system to utilize its track & trace functionalities to ensure supply chain transparency, data flow, and optimization efforts. Highly-scalable databases with Distributed Ledger Technology allow authenticating product unit’s unique identity in real-time.

  • Support for various business processes

    Veriori integrates business goals and operations across the enterprise, including: marketing efforts, customer support, complaints handling, production, data analysis, and overall management. Our authentication technology integrates with your systems via the API.

How it works

Veriori system marks products ensuring that every single unit has its unique, undeniable identity. Integrated with your production management system or acting as a stand-alone solution it generates our award-winning, cryptographically secured 2D codes and NFC tags to individually mark each product unit recording its data using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

  • 1

    Equip your product with a digital, blockchain-based identity via product marking (2D code or NFC tags)

  • 2

    Marked product unit can be then scanned and verified using any mobile device and tracked using web system

  • 3

    Consumers obtain undeniable information about the product and its authenticity

For Manufacturer
  • Integration with existing systems (API) and production processes – product authentication system managed via current business architecture
  • Stand-alone web application for system management (administrative functions, full database of marked products, Track & Trace functionality, reports & statistics, communication with the Consumer)
  • Automated product units tagging (2D codes/NFC tags) during the production or distribution process
  • Optional: integration with producer’s mobile application
For Consumer
  • Scan the 2D code or NFC tag on the product and obtain detailed information (including product authenticity check, supply chain history and marketing information) using any mobile device (via built-in QR code scan functionality, Veriori’s app or producer’s app)

Award-winning technology

Innovative technology allowing discrete marking of any 2D codes. Our award-winning codes offer an additional layer of data that can be read only using dedicated scanners. This functionality does not limit the effectiveness of ordinary readers, thus it is possible to use this technology with systems requiring backward compatibility. Our dedicated code reading software allows to restore additional data layer, which allows, among others, to limit the possibility of copying codes.

For our cryptographically secured 2D codes, we received two gold medals at Concours Lepine International 2019 in Paris, including a special prize – medal from the French Ministry of Defense.